Friends of Evington Complaints Procedure


Friends of Evington aims to provide the best possible advice, support and services to their individual and group members in Evington and surrounding area. The Board of Trustees of Friends of Evington are accountable to the Charity Commission.

From time to time an individual member or member group may feel s/he has not had the best possible service that Friends of Evington aim to provide. 

It is important that any member wishing to make a complaint knows how to do so.  FofE Board of Trustees will respond to a complaint within reasonable time limits and in a courteous and efficient way. They will take  members complaints seriously and the circumstances investigated and necessary corrective action undertaken.


Any members who are dissatisfied with any aspect of the work of Friends of Evington should contact the Chair of Friends of Evington in the first instance.  The chair will seek to satisfy any complaint by conciliation and clarification of the issues involved.  Hopefully the majority of problems can be satisfied by this informal process. The chair will reply to the complainant within fourteen days of receipt of the complaint.

If the person making the complaint is not satisfied by the result of the above informal process we would welcome them using the following more formal procedures:-

If the complaint is about the Evington Echo magazine or website, then most complaints can be dealt with informally by contacting the Editor.  If this is not possible then a formal complaint should go to the Editor in the first instance.  If the complaint is not satisfied with this, then contact the Chair informally.  If the complainant is still not satisfied, then use the Formal Complaints Procedure.

Formal Complaints Procedure

1          First Stage

  1. Any complaint should be communicated to the Chair of Friends of Evington, or to the Secretary if the complaint is about the Chair.

1.2      Friends of Evington will acknowledge in writing (identifying the complaint) receipt of the complaint within seven working days.

1.3      The Chair or Secretary shall investigate all circumstances leading to the complaint and ensure that a Friends of Evington complaints form is completed.

1.4      The Chair or Secretary shall inform the complainant of the result of the investigation, and any corrective action taken.  This will be completed within twenty-one days unless circumstances prolong the investigation, in which case an interim report will be made to the complainant and a new time-scale set.

2.         Second Stage

2.1      If the complainant is dissatisfied with the results of the enquiry and/or corrective action taken, they have a right to put their case (in person if they wish) to the Secretary or another senior officer on the Friends of Evington board.  (Senior officers are the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.)

2.2      The Secretary or other senior officer shall undertake any further enquiries and report the decision to the complainant within thirty days.

3.         Third Stage

3.1      If the complainant is dissatisfied with the decision of the Secretary or other senior officer, they have a right to put their case to the Finance Sub Committee where an Appeal Sub Committee would be set up comprising of at least two of the three executive Friends of Evington Board members.

3.2      The Appeal Sub Committee should undertake an investigation of the complaint and produce recommendations for the Friends of Evington Trustee Board.

3.3      The Friends of Evington Trustee Board will take a final decision on the complaint.

All complaints and positive feedback to Friends of Evington will be fully recorded and a report made to the Trustee Board on any complaints dealt with via this procedure.  A written record will be retained of complaints.

Friends of Evington

Complaints Form

To proceed with a complaint please complete this form and return to the Chair or Secretary of Friends of Evington. This form will enable the complaint to be dealt with appropriately.

Your name: 
Your contact telephone number: 
Your e-mail address: 
Your Address: 
Please give details of any special needs we need to bear in mind when we are dealing with your complaint and communicating with you.
Date & Time Incident Occurred: 
Please give details of your complaint, stating names wherever possible.  Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary
If you have already spoken verbally or emailed a person or persons regarding your complaint please give the name or names.
What do you think should be done to put things right?

Please note that in investigating your complaint Friends of Evington may require that you provide any named persons with details of the complaint so as to give them a fair opportunity to respond.

Your signature: 
For Office Use
Date Received: 
Date Acknowledgement Sent: 
Date Outcome of investigation Communicated to complainant: 
Outcome of the complaint: